About Us


I first came to China in 1996 using the Trans-Siberian train from Moscow to Beijing, experiencing the opportunities of this emerging economy. In 2004,
I adopted my daughter, Jin Yancheng, connecting myself to China forever. The second character in her name, 燕 Yan, meaning “swallow”, inspired the name of my company, Orange Swallow.

With my background in business economics and my personal connection to China, I became increasingly interested in the Chinese business world.

Hedda Sasburg 金海达CEO

Our Company

We understand that starting any business venture can be risky.

Especially if you are not familiar with the local (business) culture and/or cannot bridge the distance physically to engage with your market directly. We make sure you are equipped with a strategic mindset to avoid common mistakes and fully understand the market you are entering.

The Swallow

The swallow is a bird that flies between different regions, bringing good fortune and happiness to wherever it goes.

Just like swallows, we are determined to connect companies and organizations in their international business endeavors, and guide them to their most suitable route for success. We help construct ideas into concrete action routes.

Our Team

Hedda Sasburg

Hedda has over 25 years’ worth of experience working in the area of Business Consultancy, and has a Master’s degree in Business Economics from Rotterdam’s Erasmus University.
She enjoys connecting people, ideas and organizations and has a myriad of business connections throughout the Netherlands and China. With her expertise, connections and experience Hedda will find the best solutions for your business requests.



Junior Project Manager


Kimberley Goebel

Kimberley has a background in Chinese Studies and Asian Studies. She enjoys creating connections between people and is eager to tackle any project.

She views every project as an opportunity to learn more about different patterns of business thinking and cultural attitudes. With her vigor, Kimberley will find the right business possibilities with you, for you.

support in every step of the way

Together with you, we draw out a plan of action
to get to the point where you want to be.